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Dungeons and Dragons played by ancient British idiots.


Come join our fortnightly podcast as we play the 5e Age of Worms campaign. Expect some silly voices, rules mongering and a lot of laughs plus the occasional terrible song. We hope you join us and enjoy listening as much as we enjoy playing.

  • Episode 56 – The Squids Don’t Stand a Chance September 16, 2021
    Our heroes find themselves at a pair of tall, ivory double-doors marked with the symbol of the Mindflayer! Have they found his lair at last? And what abominations may stand between them and the secrets within?
  • Episode 55 – Get Your Goat On September 9, 2021
    We’re not kidding around here, the battle in the Mindflayer caverns has finally reached its conclusion! No, really. There is the troublesome detail of some brain zombies to deal with but otherwise we’re done. Finished. Over. At last. Join the gang as they scout for loot, search fo the way forward and interrogate livestock. Oh […]
  • Episode 54 – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing September 2, 2021
    Sometimes the dice are your friends, sometimes… not so much. Sessions may be a worshipper of Miss Fortune, but the Lady Luck abandons us all as the battle in the Mindflayer caverns stumbles towards its chaotic conclusion!
  • Episode 53 – Poison Arrow August 26, 2021
    The inter-dimensional one-eyed goop greebly is bearing down on Sessions. The caverns are overrun with malevolent minions. Hit points are in short supply. Basically, things don’t look great for our heroes. Will they look better by the end of the episode? No.
  • Episode 52 – We on a Swarm August 19, 2021
    The trickle of foes has become a flood and the skirmish in the caverns has turned into a right old scrap! Can our heroes prevail?
  • Episode 51 – Get Off of My Cloud August 12, 2021
    What in the name of Oort is this one-eyed, tree-like, alien thing? Whatever it is, it’s vaporised itself and is steaming around, causing chaos! Can our heroes step on the gas?
  • Episode 50 – Snake, Battle and Roll August 5, 2021
    Somehow our brave band of bunglers have survived to reach episode 50! As they fight their way into the Mindflayer’s lair they must face its deadly guardians: The serpentine Naga, fizzing with malign magic; and something much more scary – a strange entity dragged to this world from across the planes!
  • Episode 49 – Meat on the Ledge July 29, 2021
    It’s time to hunt Mindflayer! On the trail of their quarry, our brave band explore a treacherous set of caverns complete with mysterious guardians, strange beasts and other perils. Things do not go well.
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