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Dungeons and Dragons played by ancient British idiots.

An actual play podcast

Hello hello and welcome to the Billowing Hilltop podcast!

We are a group of friends who have been playing Dungeons and Dragons in its various forms for over 40 years. We’re evidently no longer teenagers so we can’t just go round to each other’s houses every week to spend endless hours fighting Goblins and arguing about rules, so instead we use the magic of the internet and fire-up, quite literally in Jonny’s case, our laptops on and squirrel ourselves away from partners and children to satisfy our long-standing addiction to this wonderful game.

Online play can have its ‘moments’; microphones, bandwidth and the occasional misapplied mute button – but it works very well on the whole, and if a 12-year-old can manage it then that’s a challenge enough for us.

…And now we think the world deserves yet another live play podcast, our regular Wednesday session. For our first foray we’ve decided to play the Age of Worms campaign, starting with “The Whispering Cairn”, as a 5E adventure.

We hope you join us and enjoy listening as much as we enjoy playing.

As to why Billowing Hilltop is called Billowing Hilltop? The answer is buried in the mists of time and no-one seems to want to remember….

  • Episode 13 – Police and Thieves May 21, 2020
    What lies deep in the belly of Diamond Lake? What lies beneath the Dourstone mine? Something is growing. There are whispers… whispers in the dark.. Join our hapless heroes as we begin Book 2 of the Age of Worms – The Three Faces of Evil!
  • Episode 12 – Wild is the Wind May 7, 2020
    It’s our double-length megasode as we conclude Book 1! Our heroes have faced down Filge but learn disturbing news. There are rumours of a new dark age – The Age of Worms – and evil lurking beneath Diamond Lake. They must turn to Hesti Testapod for guidance and then face the final challenge of the […]
  • Episode 11 – Massive Attack vs The Mad Professor April 23, 2020
    Our heroes have explored the old observatory and solved the mystery of the missing bones. The secrets of the Whispering Cairn are within their grasp. But first they must confront the necromancer Filge in his fiendish laboratory! Roll for initiative!
  • Episode 10 – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? April 9, 2020
    On the trail of the missing bones, our adventurers explore the old Observatory. Can they keep their minds on the mission and not be distracted by the prospect of loot? No. No they can’t.
  • Episode 9 – Rastophan Vibration March 26, 2020
    Our heroes head into Diamond Lake on the hunt for the missing bones. The trail leads to the Feral Dog and Kullen’s gang of thugs, but will it be confrontation or negotiation that gets the answers they seek? And can Cuthbert hold the same accent for more than five minutes?