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Dungeons and Dragons played by ancient British idiots.


Come join our fortnightly podcast as we play the 5e Age of Worms campaign. Expect some silly voices, rules mongering and a lot of laughs plus the occasional terrible song. We hope you join us and enjoy listening as much as we enjoy playing.

  • Episode 43 – Shaft Mess on the Edge of Town June 17, 2021
    Anyone fancy a swim? Our heroes must don their +3 Speedos of Stealth and trust in the notoriously lenient 5E drowning rules as they descend into the depths.
  • Episode 42 – Warehouse Classics Volume II June 10, 2021
    Our heroes must overcome an unseen adversary as they continue their investigation of the abandoned warehouse. Why does Parker find the place so eerily familiar?
  • Episode 41 – Warehouse Classics Volume I June 3, 2021
    An abandoned warehouse in the docks… Is it a cult hideout? An elaborate trap? Or both? Our heroes  must uncover the truth!
  • Episode 40 – Fireball May 27, 2021
    An explosion, arrows whizzing through the air, panic in the streets, a crazed chimera – not exactly the welcome to Evenstar our heroes had in mind! Can they survive long enough to find out who is behind their hot reception?
  • Episode 39 – Whine On You Crazy Diamond May 20, 2021
    We begin Book 4 of the Age of Worms! Welcome to the Hall of Harsh Reflections where nothing is as it seems and no-one can be trusted. Our heroes learn more about themselves and must resolve their differences before setting out on the road ahead.
  • Episode 38 – Spawn To Be Wild May 6, 2021
    Our heroes must prevail over the beasts in the basement! But what lies in wait for them on the road ahead? Find out as we conclude Book 3!
  • Episode 37 – Brave Sir Robin April 22, 2021
    There’s something nasty walled up in the cellar of Blackwall Keep. Can our heroes hold their nerve as they take on the beasts in the basement?
  • Episode 36 – Superscalyfragilelizardeggsbecomeferocious April 8, 2021
    Our adventures in the Mistmarsh reach a climax as the heroes battle to save the lizardfolk eggs from corruption by the worms of Kyuss!
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