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Dungeons and Dragons played by ancient British idiots.


Come join our fortnightly podcast as we play the 5e Age of Worms campaign. Expect some silly voices, rules mongering and a lot of laughs plus the occasional terrible song. We hope you join us and enjoy listening as much as we enjoy playing.

  • Episode 21 – Chapel of My Eye September 10, 2020
    The Faceless One has been slain (slayed? slew? slewn?) but what secrets wait to be discovered in the Chapel of Azmodee? And can our heroes take their minds off arguing about loot for long enough to find them? And if they can, will they remember any of what they learn? No, we’re thinking.
  • Episode 20 – Eyes Without a Face August 27, 2020
    Well now. Sessions has flipped the Coin of Fate and Miss Fortune has spoken. Our wounded heroes must push on into the Chapel of Azmodee to confront The Faceless One and his accomplices in wickedness. Will they survive? Will the DM have to use Whispery Evil Voice No. 3™️? What is the German for 12 […]
  • Episode 19 – Rock Me Azmodeus August 13, 2020
    In a moment of extreme wisdom failure, our heroes have disturbed the disturbing denizens of the Chapel of Azmodee, Prince of Liches. And if there is one thing the denizens hate, it’s being disturbed. And if there is one thing they love, it is being disturbing. Will our heroes survive? Listen on!
  • Episode 18 – You Me and the Devil Makes Three July 30, 2020
    One down, two to go! Our heroes, their powers enhanced by the blessing of mighty Oort*, leave the Chapel of Bann Shivu and creep their way north to the door marked with the symbol of Azmodee, Prince of Liches. *Apart from Parker. Lucas couldn’t get Herolab to work properly.
  • Episode 17 – Lean on Me July 15, 2020
    Never split the party! Burple, Cuthbert and Grimbold are sealed into the battle pit of Bann Shivu and must face down High Priestess Theldrek! Can Parker and Sessions gain entry in time to save them? And what is the secret of the magic mirror?
  • Episode 16 – Church of the Poison Mine July 2, 2020
    Our heroes must defeat the colossal boar Piers Morgan before taking on the denizens of the Chapel of Bann Shivu. WARNING: Contains annoying pastiche French pop music from the start.
  • Episode 15 – Deeper Underground June 18, 2020
    Deep below the surface, our heroes lower themselves into the Dark Cathedral. Can they stealth their way into the lair of the Ebon Triad and learn the secrets of the cult? Or will they clumsily set off a sprawling combat involving a skeleton called Arthur and a colossal boar called Piers Morgan? Do you really […]
  • Episode 14 – Suspicious Mines June 4, 2020
    Justice has been served on Sheriff Cubbins and his corrupt constables. Now our heroes head into Diamond Lake for some much needed R&R and a visit to Hesti Testapod before setting out to the Dourstone Mine on a new mission! WARNING: Contains brief period of zither music.
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