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Dungeons and Dragons played by ancient British idiots.


Come join our fortnightly podcast as we play the 5e Age of Worms campaign. Expect some silly voices, rules mongering and a lot of laughs plus the occasional terrible song. We hope you join us and enjoy listening as much as we enjoy playing.

  • Episode 27 – We Didn’t Start the Fire December 3, 2020
    Our adventurers are looking forward to a night’s rest after their trek into the wilderness but fate has other plans. It seems there has been a double-booking, and the other guests are not in the mood to negotiate!
  • Episode 26 – Let’s Send the Knights Together November 19, 2020
    With the cultists of the Ebon Triad defeated, our heroes emerge from their long imprisonment in the Dark Cathedral. They should recuperate, reflect and mourn their dead but fate has other ideas! Diamond Lake is under threat and there is not a moment to be lost! Well, perhaps there’s time to divide the loot? I […]
  • Episode 25 – Hard Hobbit to Break November 5, 2020
    Has Burple doomed or saved himself with his leap into the dark? Can Grimbold escape from the clutches of the roper? Which of our heroes will survive the final confrontation with Grallak Kur? Does the episode intro make any sense whatsoever? The answers lie in our double-length season-ending finale!  
  • Episode 24 – Jump October 22, 2020
    The gang must confront Grallak Kur and his many-tentacled guardian in the very heart of the Grey Woodsman’s realm. Has Burple been dragged to his doom? Will Grimbold face the same fate? Will Parker ever stop faffing about with twiglets and throw himself into the thick of the action? FInd out within!
  • Episode 23 – Park(er) Life October 8, 2020
    “They’re coming outta the walls! They’re coming outta the goddamn walls!” Our band of bug-hunters are trapped within the Grey Woodsman’s realm with horrors all around. There is only one way to go: deeper, into the very guts of the labyrinth, towards Grallak Kur himself and his evil minions. They’re going there to destroy them. […]
  • Episode 22 – Into the Woods September 24, 2020
    Our heroes creep into the smoke-filled tunnels of the Grey Woodsman’s realm. New dangers await: strange, tangled creatures wrought from the forest itself and huge, ravenous wolves. But there are other discoveries to be made: what will they learn about their world and its place in the greater cosmos?
  • Episode 21 – Chapel of My Eye September 10, 2020
    The Faceless One has been slain (slayed? slew? slewn?) but what secrets wait to be discovered in the Chapel of Azmodee? And can our heroes take their minds off arguing about loot for long enough to find them? And if they can, will they remember any of what they learn? No, we’re thinking.
  • Episode 20 – Eyes Without a Face August 27, 2020
    Well now. Sessions has flipped the Coin of Fate and Miss Fortune has spoken. Our wounded heroes must push on into the Chapel of Azmodee to confront The Faceless One and his accomplices in wickedness. Will they survive? Will the DM have to use Whispery Evil Voice No. 3™️? What is the German for 12 […]
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