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Dungeons and Dragons played by ancient British idiots.


Come join our fortnightly podcast as we play the 5e Age of Worms campaign. Expect some silly voices, rules mongering and a lot of laughs plus the occasional terrible song. We hope you join us and enjoy listening as much as we enjoy playing.

  • Episode 38 – Spawn To Be Wild May 6, 2021
    Our heroes must prevail over the beasts in the basement! But what lies in wait for them on the road ahead? Find out as we conclude Book 3!
  • Episode 37 – Brave Sir Robin April 22, 2021
    There’s something nasty walled up in the cellar of Blackwall Keep. Can our heroes hold their nerve as they take on the beasts in the basement?
  • Episode 36 – Superscalyfragilelizardeggsbecomeferocious April 8, 2021
    Our adventures in the Mistmarsh reach a climax as the heroes battle to save the lizardfolk eggs from corruption by the worms of Kyuss!
  • Episode 35 – Walking in the Lair March 25, 2021
    Parker & Sessions continue their intrigues. In the absence of Johnny, Uncle Bugraft is controlled by dice rolls as he, Cuthbert and Burple face off against the terrifying King Charles the Fecund. What evil stirs within the lizardfolk egg chamber?
  • Episode 34 – Follow You Follow Me March 11, 2021
    They say never split the party, but what do ‘they’ know? Sessions and Parker follow a mysterious new ally in search of peace, whilst their companions duel to the death with the formidable King Charles the Fecund and his lizardfolk guardians!
  • Episode 33 – Gecko Beach February 25, 2021
    Cuthbert is stalked through the Lizardfolk lair by the Boss Harpy. Can his companions reach him in time? And will Bugraft’s swamp creature impression convince the guards?
  • Episode 32 – Shiny Harpy People February 11, 2021
    Cuthbert creeps into the lair of the Lizardfolk, searching for the captives, but in the Mistmarsh, his companions have got themselves into all sorts of trouble. Warning: contains harpy song. May cause drowsiness. Do not operate heavy machinery. Also contains snakes.
  • Episode 31 – Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun January 28, 2021
    Cuthbert is up to his neck in trouble as undead aquatic horrors close in. Is he ghoul-food? Or can the others channel the spirit of Hasselhoff and rescue him from swampy doom? Our adventures in the Mistmarsh continue!
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