Billowing Hilltop Actual Play Podcast

Dungeons and Dragons - Age of Worms Spoilers

Take care when looking at this page, these tabs include episode summaries and things like maps.

You have been warned.

We begin your listening adventure with an introduction to the Billowing Hilltop by Mike and Paul followed by Mike getting his best spooky voice on to give the background to the Age of Worms campaign and this first book, “The Whispering Cairn.” 

In this episode our 5 mis-matched adventurers begin their exploration of the Whispering Cairn.

“I can sing a rainbow too.”

In this episode introduction Paul takes a quick opportunity to give some more background on his character, Cuthbert Ouchsplinter, a strange looking Half-Elf with one green and one grey eye.

Continuing further into the Cairn the hopeless band of amateurs encounter their first combat, strange rooms filled with different coloured lanterns and a sarcophagus…but wait a moment…what’s that noise?!

Whispering Cairn Entrance
As drawn by Grimbold Flange

“I’ve got my love to keep me swarm.”

Graeme and Mike kick off this episode with some wise words (from Graeme) and further background on the aptly named “Sessions Ipa”.

When play kicks off there is a lot going on – more adventuring, a proper combat, first character casualties and lots more confusion.

Map of Lower Cairn
As drawn by Grimbold Flange

“The Swimmer takes it all.”

After you get to listen to Mike and Dan delve into the murkier depths of the legend that is “Billowing Hilltop”, they have bit more of a chat around what makes Burple Herpish (AKA “Burple Herpish”) tick beyond his awful singing.

When play gets underway we find the characters down the Green Lantern lift shaft doing different things. Grimbold has discovered a room filled with water, Sessions Ipa is about to explore a room filled with stone slabs.

We get to hear Madam Wodge (of the Lodge) for the first time and Cuthbert pops his head over the edge in an attempt to rescue a boy in peril.

And Parker? Well, Parker needs some private time…

Only Madame Wodge of the Lodge anther goons stand between our adventurers and their destiny. It’s time for our heroes to stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood and put them to the sword! Just as soon as they can agree who goes first.

Fresh from their battle with the Wodge Gang, our over-eyebrowed heroes head into Diamond Lake. Will they find the missing lantern? What will they learn from the wizard Hesti Testapod? And will they remember it? If you find a magic sword and no-one else notices, is it yours to keep? There’s only one way to find out!